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Juris Doctor/Master of Marine Policy

The juris doctor/master of marine policy (JD/MMP) offers the opportunity to combine legal training with detailed knowledge of oceanic and coastal environments. This dual degree program is a joint effort between Delaware Law and the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.


Students interested in the JD/MMP must meet the admissions requirements for both Delaware Law and the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment at the University of Delaware.

Most students apply to the Law School’s JD program and then, during the student’s third or fourth semester, apply to the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment; but a student in the second or third semester at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment may also enter the JD/MMP program by seeking admission to Delaware Law.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete 90 credit hours of instruction at the Law School and 30 credit hours at the University of Delaware.  In the joint degree program, nine of the 90 law school credits will be accepted as elective credits toward the Master of Marine Policy and nine of the 30 Marine Study credits will be accepted towards the JD.

Students must complete a thesis on a law and marine policy issue to successfully complete the dual degree program.

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Contact Information

James May
Delaware Law
4601 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803
Phone: 302-477-2060

Jeremy M. Firestone
University of Delaware
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
204 Robinson Hall
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: 302-831-0228