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Student Clinics and Externships Application Form

Students interested in enrolling in a clinic or externship must complete and submit the attached Student Clinic Application.

The application provided below can be submitted to the following email address: Students submitting applications for the Delaware Civil Law Clinic must be interviewed by Prof. Harrington Conner, and students submitting applications for the Criminal Defense Clinic must be interviewed by Professor Ritter.

The application deadline for Summer 2017 Clinics and Externships is Monday, March 27, 2017 at 5:00 p.m and the application deadline for Fall 2017 is Monday, April 10, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

Download the 2017 Summer/Fall Student Clinic Application Form (pdf)

Students enrolling into the Delaware Civil Clinic, the Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Clinic (PA), or the Veterans Law Clinic will be required to attend a mandatory training session prior to the start of the semester.

Applicants cannot register until they receive approval from the appropriate professor. During pre-registration, you should register for other courses of your choice. If you are accepted you can rearrange your schedule during the add/drop period. There is no fee for this add/drop. Note: Once a student has registered, Section 310(C)(3) of the Dean’s Office Regulations permits that student to drop a clinic or externship only upon a showing of exceptional hardship and with the approval of the Dean of Students.

Students are invited to visit the clinic offices which are located in the Clinic Wing on the 2nd floor of the law school and are encouraged to talk to current or former clinical students.

Application Deadline: Late applications will be given full consideration if there is space in the clinics. 

Clinic faculty members will be happy to answer telephone, email, or in-person inquiries regarding the clinical and externship courses.

Prof. Amber Baylor
Veterans Law Clinic
Room 279
Ext. 2159

Prof. Francis J. Catania, Jr.
Judicial and Clinical/Public Interest Externship Program
Room 405
Ext. 2108

Prof. Dana Harrington-Conner
Delaware Civil Clinic
Room 304
Ext. 2161

Prof. Ken Kristl
Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic
Room 226
Ext. 2053

Prof. Judith Ritter
Criminal Defense Clinic
Room 305
Ext. 2121