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Meet our Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors are outstanding representatives of our community. Please contact them with your questions about Delaware Law.

ShahirahShahirah Brown
Third Year, Full-Time Regular Division


Philadelphia, PA

Undergraduate Education

Temple University

Legal Studies and Business

Shahirah is an active participant in the Black Law Students Association and is the Vice President of the Youth Court program.

What does Shahirah like most about Delaware Law?

The Delaware Law community really feels like a family. Everyone on campus - student, faculty, and staff - focuses on helping the next person. The environment is very supportive and it makes Delaware Law a great place to study the law.

JulianJulian M. Jackson
Second Year, Full-Time Regular Division


Wilmington, DE

Undergraduate Education

Wilmington University


Julian is an member of the Moot Court Honor Society, Employment Law Society and Black Law Students Association and has spent his 1L summer learning the intricacies of the legal profession as a Law Clerk for Leo J. Boyle, Esq. of Newark, Delaware. He has a strong interest in Health, Employment & Labor Law and hopes to be an active litigator.

What does Julian like most about Delaware Law?

“The professors at Delaware Law are committed to bringing out the best in you, while the other law students provide an excellent atmosphere to expand your thinking and help create an ultra learning environment. Additionally, Career Development is proactive in helping you prepare for all the opportunities that await post-graduation.”

AramAram Karabulut
Second year, Full-Time Regular Division


Pennington, NJ

Undergraduate Education

Temple University


Aram is member of Phi Alpha delta – George Read Chapter. He has interned for the State of New Jersey Office of the Public defender= Middlesex county Trial Region. There, he actively conducted legal research and legal writing for public defenders and had the opportunity to observe New Jersey Superior Court, Criminal Division proceedings. Aram has a strong interest in criminal law, particularly indigent defense work. He aspires to become a criminal law litigator in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

What does Aram like most about Delaware Law?

“The Delaware Law School community is welcoming of everyone. The students here are hardworking, intelligent individuals that come from a variety of different backgrounds and walks of life. Furthermore, professors at Delaware Law are not only experts in their respective fields of law but they are also eager to help students achieve success both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Peter KelleyPeter Kelley
Second Year, Full-Time Division


Scranton, PA

Undergraduate Education

The University of Scranton 

International Business Major 

What I like most about Delaware Law?

“Delaware Law prepares its students for success. Law school is a daunting and even scary prospect. Succeeding in law school seems insurmountable, however, Delaware Law prepares its students to have the exact opposite attitude. Delaware Law provides a supportive, motivating support network through its faculty and staff. Additionally, Delaware Law fosters a familial like environment amongst the students, which provides relationships that will endure through school and life to come. The combination of all these factors makes it hard not to succeed, and that is what I like most about Delaware Law.” 

Morgan MaddenMorgan Madden
Third Year, Full-Time Regular Division


Towanda, PA

Undergraduate Education

Penn State University
Political Science and Public Relations

Morgan is the President of the Student Bar Association and has been involved with the organization since her first year at law school in several different leadership roles. She is also a member of Phi Alpha Delta, the First Generation Law Society, the American Bar Association, has served as treasurer of the American Association of Justice, is a member of the Moot Court Honor Society, and a mock trial member.

What does Morgan like most about Delaware Law?

“I really love the exposure to legal professionals and real-world lawyering we get here at Delaware Law School. Because we are the only law school in the state, a lot of students have the unique opportunity to get really valuable one-on-one experience with Delaware lawyers and judges, whether it be through an internship, externship, or clerkship. The networking opportunities that come with being a small school in a small state provide an invaluable foundation to our legal careers, and I’ll always be glad I chose Delaware Law School to get my juris doctorate as opposed to some of the larger schools I was accepted to.”

Kevin PackerKevin Packer
Second Year, Full-Time Regular Division


Tunkhannock, PA

Undergraduate Education

University of Pittsburgh

Legal Studies/Administration of Justice

Kevin Packer is the President of the International Law Society, and a member of the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law. He was a summer clerk for the Honorable Judge James F. Nilon Jr. of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas and has a strong interest in Corporate Law.

What Does Kevin like most about Delaware Law?

“I like the individualized attention and sense of community the school fosters. Coming from such a large school it was impossible to know everyone in your class and one on one time with teachers was sparse. Here teachers go out of their way to reach out to students one on one and help them achieve as much as they can in the classroom. Your class becomes very close, everyone knows everyone and you get more of a family environment.” 

Brian PalmBrian Palm
Second Year, Full-Time Regular Division


Lansdale, PA

Undergraduate Education

Dickinson College


Brian is an active member of the Sports & Entertainment Law Society and the International Law Society. He has a strong interest in Sports Law and hopes to begin a career in Sports Agency upon graduation. 

What does Brian like most about Delaware Law?

 "The ability to form close and genuine relationships with both the Staff and your classmates. I've learned in my first year if you're stuck but are willing to put in the effort you will find the help necessary to succeed. It's easy at Delaware Law to surround yourself with legal minds who not only work hard at what they do- but care about what you do."

Hannah RaceHannah Race
First Year, Full-Time Regular Division


Cherry Hill, NJ

Undergraduate Education

Towson University

Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Hannah is an active member of the Moot Court Honor Society, serving as bailiff. She has served internships with the Baltimore City District Court State attorney's office and Baltimore City's Juvenile Justice Center's Victim/Witness Services office of the State's Attorney.

What does Hannah like most about Delaware Law?

“The small classes at Delaware Law allow students to have close personal contact with the professors. The congenial atmosphere makes it very comfortable to ask the professors the necessary questions to expand your understanding of complex legal issues. ”

Racquel SilanoRaquel Silano
First Year, Full-Time Regular Division


Philadelphia, PA

Undergraduate Education

Penn State

Broadcast Journalism and International Political Economy

Raquel is interested in all of the myriad facets of the law and is particularly interested in participating in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

What does Raquel like most about Delaware Law?

“Coming to Delaware Law has been one of the most thrilling decisions of my life. I absolutely love how invested the professors are in our success and the culture/environment created by the community of students. The campus is safe, the students are engaged during class discussion, and the academic staff is here to support, help, and encourage in every way! I look forward to the opportunity to show potential academic community members how much I enjoy getting a legal education at Delaware Law and what a smart choice I think coming here was.”

Maura SolometoMaura Solometo
Second Year, Full-Time Regular Division


Washington Township, NJ

Undergraduate Education

Neumann University

Business Administration

Maura is an active member in the International Law Society and the Constitutional Law Society. After her 1L year, she completed an internship with American Water, reporting to the Deputy General Counsel, where she spent the summer working on various projects involving labor and employment law, corporate and commercial law, governmental affairs, and extended research on internal matters.

What does Maura like most about Delaware Law?

“There are many great aspects of being a student at Delaware Law. First and foremost, the professors are extremely knowledgeable of the law and genuinely care about the students’ education. Whether it's being accessible via email, office hours, conducting review sessions or just taking some time after class, the professors are always willing to assist with the success of the students. The staff are great, as well. What I like most is that I am not just a number, rather, the faculty and staff have taken the time to get to know me and are always willing to help me with whatever I may need. Lastly, one of the reasons that I personally chose Delaware Law is the convenience of housing that it offers on campus. I didn’t have to worry about finding a place to live and as a result, I don’t have to deal with the hassles of a daily commute. Transitioning to becoming a law student is very difficult, but Delaware Law made the transition fairly stress free.”

Kathryn SteinKathryn Stein
First Year, Full-Time Regular Division


Hellertown, PA

Undergraduate Education

Moravian College

Sociology; Law and Society

Kathryn serves as the 1L Section Representative Officer for the Delaware Law Student Bar Association and is an active law student member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

What does Kathryn like most about Delaware Law?

There is a phenomenal balance among Delaware Law students of unity and competition, that allows us to perform to our maximum potential on a daily basis. Additionally, the accessibility and willingness of the faculty to help students grow ensures that we receive a valuable legal education that is preparing us for successful careers in the legal community.

Katelyn TuoniKatelyn Tuoni
Second year, Full-Time Regular Division


Wilmington, Delaware

Undergraduate Education:

University of Delaware

Individual and Family Studies

Graduate Education:

Bryn Mawr College

Social Work

Katelyn is a member of the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law and the International Law Society. She is a Widener Merit Scholar and a Bank of America Scholarship recipient. During her 1L year, Katelyn earned Deans List for both the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters. This summer she was a law clerk for the Delaware Department of Justice in Attorney General Matt Denn's Office in Sussex County. Katelyn plans to focus her law career in the field of corporate and business law.

What does Katelyn like most about Delaware Law?

“Delaware Law School has the comfort of a smaller school. Overall the school has a smaller group of students, staff, and professors that allows for a strong sense of community. Students have the opportunity to experience smaller classes which are interactive and discussion oriented. In my experience, the professors and staff have been very accessible and are always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have.”

Brooke WaisbordBrooke Waisbord
Second year, Full-Time Regular Division


Feasterville, PA

Undergraduate Education

Temple University


Brooke is a student representative for Barbri Bar Review.  She is also an active member in the International Law Society as well as the Constitutional Law Society.   During her 1L year she worked as a student employee in the Law School’s Legal Information Center commonly known as the law library.  This past summer, she interned for a Personal Injury Law Firm in Bucks County.  She completed a variety of tasks there, such as drafting and putting together demands, meeting with clients, completing discovery, and so much more.  This upcoming year, she is planning to run for various leadership positions within the student organizations she is already a member of, as well as joining new societies and student organizations here at Delaware Law School. 

What does Brooke like most about Delaware Law?

“I enjoy how close the community here is and the atmosphere. Everyone goes out of their way to help one another.  Not only are your colleagues always trying to help, but the faculty aids in any way they can too.  If you don’t understand the material, the faculty will make time during their free time to help you.  If you are looking for an internship or job, they will do their best to help you as much as they can. The connections you make here, are lifelong connections. Delaware Law is a wonderful school, and everyone will push you to succeed and assist you as much as they possibly can.”

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