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Professor Analyzes Comey Firing


In the wake of President Donald Trump’s firing of F.B.I Director James Comey, H. Albert Young Fellow in Constitutional Law John Culhane has been sought out by a variety of media outlets for his analysis.

Professor Culhane spoke about the issue for a Politico article titled “Is this a Constitutional Crisis” that provided insight from an “all-star panel of legal minds” such as Harvard Law School Professor Cass Sunstein and Yale Law School Professor Robert Post. Offering a take on the issue echoed by Post and New York University Law School Professor Michael Waldman, Culhane said, “Trump’s firing of James Comey isn’t a constitutional crisis yet, but it probably will be soon,” and “Whatever Comey’s mistakes might have been in the handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, it’s crazy to think that issue had anything to do with firing him.”

A piece on Vocativ titled “Could The Comey Crisis Spur Trump’s Impeachment?” also quoted Culhane on the impact the firing might have in the hypothetical event of impeachment hearings.

In addition, Culhane has appeared on KYW News Radio 1060, WDEL 101.7FM/1150AM, and Bloomberg Radio to discuss the implications of the Comey firing.