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Delaware Law School launches non-JD degree in Global Financial and Cyber Crimes


Wilmington, DE – Delaware Law School will offer a new global financial and cyber crimes degree program this summer as part of its graduate-level legal training for students seeking career alternatives to the practice of law.

Students may choose from a general master of jurisprudence or a graduate-level certificate. For graduates of a U.S. J.D. program, students may seek the general master of laws degree. The program is offered 100% online and can be completed in two years part time. Applications are being accepted now for the summer 2021 semester. Apply by May 1, 2021.

Students who enroll will be introduced to the types of financial crimes that take place in the U.S. and internationally, such as money-laundering, bribery, terrorist financing, and embezzlement. The program will cover financial crimes in the age of cybersecurity, computer law, the intersection of a compliance and ethics program and financial fraud, practical methods of fraud examination, and financial crime penalties.

Delaware Law offers graduate-level education for those seeking alternative legal careers. The master of jurisprudence, or MJ, program allows students with a bachelor’s degree to obtain legal training and knowledge in areas such as corporate law, financial crimes, compliance and ethics, or health law. MJ graduates often focus their careers on establishing a compliance and ethics program within an organization, in efforts to prevent and mitigate financial fraud, waste, and abuse. All courses are accessible online using cutting-edge technology and are taught by practicing lawyers and professionals. Delaware Law also offers a graduate level certificate program, which can be completed in just one year.

About Delaware Law School:  Widener University is a metropolitan university that connects curricula to social issues through civic engagement.  Dynamic teaching, active scholarship, personal attention, applied leadership, and experiential learning are key components of the Widener experience.  Delaware Law School is the first state’s only law school, providing a juris doctor, legal graduate and paralegal undergraduate degree programs with an emphasis on developing legal professionals who reflect the Delaware way and its traditions of civility, integrity and mutual respect.  The school offers signature programs in corporate and business law, environmental law, family health law and policy, trial advocacy, and dignity rights.  For information, visit