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There is no better way to develop your identity as a lawyer than by handling real cases for real clients. Through Delaware Law’s legal clinics, you will do just that, while building the professional skills and confidence you will need for your future.

Your choice of clinics will include:
  • Delaware Civil Law Clinic, which represents victims of domestic violence
  • Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Clinic, which specializes in criminal law and procedure and represents indigent people accused of misdemeanor crimes.
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, which litigates cases regarding defense of clean water, preservation of endangered species, and protection from hazardous waste
  • Veterans Law Clinic, which is a national leader in representing disabled veterans and their dependents
  • The Innocence Delaware Legal Clinic partners with the non-profit organization Innocence Delaware that provides representation to people unjustly incarcerated in Delaware for crimes they did not commit. Students will assist Innocence Delaware in their mission by screening cases for representation, learning post-conviction law, and practicing innocence work. Students will work under the supervision of Clinic Director Judith Ritter, Clinic Professor Romie Griesmer, and the Executive Director of Innocence Delaware. Innocence work may involve screening requests for representation, interviewing clients, conducting investigations, doing legal research, and preparing legal pleadings.

To learn more about any of our clinical programs, contact our director of Experiential Education, Francis Catania.

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Francis Catania
Director of Experiential Education, Director of the Judicial Externship Program, Associate Professor of Law
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 302.477.2108