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Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Law Clinic

Interested in representing someone who has been accused of a crime? As a Delaware Law student armed with the knowledge that you’ve gained in your first two years of law school, you can represent clients facing criminal charges.

As a student attorney in the Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Law Clinic, you will learn about criminal defense work from Professor Judith Ritter and Supervising Attorney Romie Griesmer. You will have the opportunity to represent clinic clients before the Pennsylvania state courts of Chester County (West Chester) from preliminary hearing through trial. You also might have the chance to assist in the post-conviction representation of defendants with significant legal issues.

Contact Information:

Director: Professor Judith Ritter
Phone: 302.477.2121
Email: [email protected]

Supervising Attorney: Romie Griesmer
Phone: 302.477.2096

Phone: 302.477.2174