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The Family Health Law & Policy Institute

Our legal system and its policies shape the health and welfare of families in myriad ways; at the same time, the reality of how families are created and operate has a direct effect on family health law and policy. Yet little attention has been devoted to studying this synergistic relationship. The Family Health Law & Policy Institute prepares students for a career relating to family law and policy, health law, or the dynamic intersection of the two.

The institute offers a rich curriculum relating to these subjects, including a robust field component, where students acquire real-world experience in a variety of possible settings: the veterans clinic; the medical-legal partnership; relevant law firm practice; clerkships with family law judges; and placements in corporations involved in such diverse areas as pharmaceuticals and insurance. The Institute also offers academic and practitioner-focused symposia and continuing legal education programs, as well as community outreach, and encourages and supports faculty and student research.

Contact Information

Co-Director: Professor John G. Culhane
Phone: (302)-477-2107
Email: [email protected]

Co-Director: Associate Professor Dana Harrington Conner
Phone: (302)-477-2161
Email: [email protected]

Co-Director: Professor Alicia Kelly
Phone: (302)-477-2185
Email: [email protected]