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Student Clinics and Externships Application Form

Students interested in enrolling in a clinic or externship must complete and submit the attached Student Clinic Application.

The application provided below can be submitted to the following email address:  [email protected]. Students submitting applications for the Delaware Civil Law Clinic must be interviewed by Prof. Harrington Conner, and students submitting applications for the Criminal Defense Clinic must be interviewed by Professor Ritter.

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION NOTICE - In order to graduate, a current 2RD or 2ED is REQUIRED to take at least SIX credits of skills courses; a 3ED is REQUIRED to take at least FOUR credits of skills courses.


This is your opportunity to put what you’ve been learning up until now to use in real legal work, representing indigent clients or working in a judge’s chambers or a public interest law office – for academic credit

The enrollment period continues until Friday, November 16th (applications submitted after the deadline will be considered for positions in the clinic or externship applied for if space is available).

To apply, download the Experiential Courses Application (pdf) form or Experiential Courses Application (docx). It contains descriptions of all of the experiential offerings (clinics and externships) for the Spring 2019 semester. You can download this form, complete it, and turn it in to faculty secretary Patti Burns (4th floor faculty secretarial area) by the deadline, along with a current résumé, an official transcript (from the Office of the Registrar), and a short writing sample that indicates your proficiency in legal reasoning and writing (Résumé and writing sample can be submitted as email attachments to [email protected]).

You can apply for more than one clinic or externship – simply indicate your order of preference among the courses offered in the appropriate place on the application form, and if you are not accepted for your first choice you will be considered for your subsequent choices.

If you have questions about the clinics, please do not hesitate to stop in to the offices of the clinics in the experiential wing on the 2nd floor of the Law Building and talk to clinic directors Professor Harrington-Conner (Delaware Civil Clinic - [email protected]), Professor Morrell (Veterans Clinic – [email protected]),  and current students. 

If you have questions about the Inside/Out course, please feel free to stop and visit with Professor Griesmer in the experiential wing on the 2nd floor of the Law Building ([email protected]).

If you have questions about Judicial or Public Interest Externships, please feel free to stop by Professor Catania’s office (Room 405) or to contact him at [email protected].

NOTE: Although Professor Griesmer’s course, INSIDE-OUT:  Crime & Punishment in the US, does not count toward your skills requirement, this course provides a unique opportunity to have multi-layered learning experience in context.

Application Deadline: Late applications will be given full consideration if there is space in the clinics. 

Clinic faculty members will be happy to answer telephone, email, or in-person inquiries regarding the clinical and externship courses.

Prof. Francis J. Catania, Jr.
Judicial and Clinical/Public Interest Externship Program
Room 405
Ext. 2108
Email: [email protected]

Prof. Dana Harrington-Conner
Delaware Civil Clinic
Room 304
Ext. 2161
Email: [email protected]

Prof. Ken Kristl
Environmental & Natural Resources Law Clinic
Room 226
Ext. 2053
Email: [email protected]

Prof. Judith Ritter
Criminal Defense Clinic
Room 305
Ext. 2121
Email: [email protected]