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Admissions Staff

Barbara Ayars

Associate Dean for Admissions
[email protected]
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What’s great about your job?

Helping people to realize their dreams. Sometimes applicants will come with their parents and you can see the pride on the parents’ faces. It’s awesome to be a part of that.

What makes you proud?

As an alumna I know that our graduates enter the profession prepared to succeed. I am proud that I play a significant role in shaping the profile of our student body and future graduates. I am proud to be able to play a role providing to others the same opportunities that I had.

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Eric Kniskern

Eric Kniskern

Director of Recruitment and Diversity Enrollment Initiatives
[email protected]

What’s Great About Your Job?

I most enjoy meeting with applicants and helping them to connect the dots from planning for law school to actually attending. Each applicant has a unique story and a passion for something. I love the diversity of our applicants and get so excited when one says yes to Delaware Law.

What Makes a Good Letter of Recommendation?

Regardless of who writes the letter, I think it is important to understand the nature of the relationship first and foremost. How does the writer know the applicant? If it’s a professor, did he or she have the applicant in only one class? Several classes? Perhaps an advisor to a club the applicant led? If it is an employer, how long has the applicant worked for him or her and in what capacity? Understanding the nature and depth of the professional relationship helps me to put the information in perspective.

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Caroline Gardner

Carly Gardner

Associate Director of Admissions
[email protected]

What’s Great About Your Job?

I enjoy meeting with applicants and helping them plan for and attend law school.  It’s great to be a part of an applicant’s entire journey, from being a prospective student to an incoming student, and watching them excel here at Delaware Law. 

What Makes a Good Letter of Recommendation?

It doesn’t matter who writes the letter, so long as the person knows the applicant well and truly can speak to their capabilities.  I’m looking for examples that demonstrate the applicant’s academic or professional skills that will translate well to law school. I want to know that the applicant is hard-working, has sound judgment, and is capable of critical thinking and problem-solving. 

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