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Meet Our Recent Alumni

Our recent alumni are making strides in their communities and their careers. We hope you enjoy their stories, and if you would like to speak with any of them about their Delaware Law experience, career, or area of practice, please contact the Admissions Office.



John Cirrinicione

Delaware Campus Class of 2007

On Developing Trial Skills

John was an active student.  In addition to serving as the Student Bar Association President, he made it a point to seek out opportunities to learn the skills he needed to become an effective trial attorney.  As both a member and competitor in the Moe Levine Trial Advocacy Honor Society, John instructed at student seminars and served as lead trial counsel on the 2007 Hugh B. Pierce Championship team.  John also completed Widener’s Intensive Trial Advocacy Program (ITAP).  He confesses, “Anyone who has experienced ITAP will tell you what a worthwhile experience it is.  No matter how good you think you are, you will be humbled by some of the greatest and most respected trial lawyers from across the country.  It was difficult for me to swallow my pride and unlearn my bad habits, but doing so made me a better trial lawyer.”  

Advice for Future Law Students

“Law school is what you make it. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.  It will be challenging, no doubt about it…but remember, lawyers are respected because of their ability to handle situations that other people are unable to handle on their own.  When times get tough, remind yourself that attending law school and practicing law is a privilege.  There are many people who would love to have the opportunity that you have been given.  Make the most of it and enjoy the struggle. It will make you a better person and a better lawyer.”

To learn more about John’s experiences, read his full profile.



Courtney Barbacane

Delaware Campus Class of 2008

On the Health Law Program

“The opportunity to be involved in the Health Law Program shaped my career path. The thing that I was most proud of was being President of the Health Law Society. In that capacity, I was able to bring more attention to Widener’s Health Law program and shed light on all that the program has to offer.”

Advice for Future Lawyers

Courtney urges building a strong foundation while in law school. “Constantly work to improve how you will practice law, whether it is by taking a trial course or a course in conducting legal research,” she says, adding, “Work to obtain an internship or a law clerk position while you are still in law school so that the opportunity for a full-time position at a particular firm is available to you upon graduation.”

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Ryan Cicoski

Delaware Campus Class of 2010

On the Wolcott Fellowship

During his final year in law school, Ryan served as a Wolcott Fellow for Delaware Supreme Court Justice Henry duPont Ridgely. “The Wolcott Fellowship is an exceptional program,” he says, observing, “My time with Justice Ridgely allowed me to develop valuable skills that prepared me for a subsequent clerkship with the Delaware Superior Court, and which I use today in private practice.”

On the Value of Networking

“Attorneys, at least in Delaware, are really responsive to inquiries from law students,” he observes, before noting that many lawyers are happy to share their experiences and expertise with interested law students. “Get out there and get involved – you’ll meet some extraordinary people, and you’ll learn more from them about the law and the legal profession than anything you’ll find in one of your textbooks,” he concludes.

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Lauren Cirrinicione

Delaware Campus Class of 2007

The Intersection of Business and Law

While at Widener, Lauren studied for both a Juris Doctorate and a Masters of Business Administration through the dual degree program. “The focus on business in conjunction with the law degree challenged me to view the law and its unique issues through a different set of lenses and focus on efficiency in my law practice,” she observes.

On the Importance of Trial Advocacy

Lauren advises both current and prospective law students to take advantage of the different trial advocacy programs available at Widener Law, saying, “The skills are important and useful in all areas of legal practice and life in general.” She also suggests that students “take advantage of the variety of clubs, programs, internships, and clinics available to students to learn about the practice of law, the business of law and how to work with clients."

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