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Admission to each program offered by the Legal Studies Program is competitive. Factors involved in the admission process may include a college transcript, academic record, letters of recommendation, proof of high school completion, and work experience.

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Paralegal Program Application (pdf)

LNC Program Application (pdf)

Non-Matriculated Student Application (pdf)

Step-by-Step Application Procedure for Print and Mail Forms

Please note that there is no application fee.  

STEP ONE: Mail or fax your completed and signed application.

Graduate, International, Compliance & Legal Studies
Delaware Law
4601 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803

Phone: 302-477-2780
Fax: 302-477-2067
Email: [email protected]

STEP TWO: Request high school, college, or university to forward an official transcript of your academic record. Those who have attended college need only send official college transcript.

STEP THREE: All legal nurse consultant applicants also must submit a copy of their current RN license.

STEP FOUR: A personal interview with an advisor is strongly recommended for all transfer students.

To obtain an application by mail, please call 302-477-2780.

If you have difficulty applying online, please email your questions to [email protected].


Please mail all correspondence to:

Legal Studies
Delaware Law
4601 Concord Pike
Post Office Box 7474
Wilmington, DE 19803-0474

Phone: 302-477-2780
Email: [email protected]