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Academic Calendar

Summer 2018

May 16-23 I.T.A.P.
May 29 Classes begin
May 29-30 Add/Drop period
July 4-5 Independence Day Holiday (no classes)
July 17 No Tuesday classes meet - Thursday schedule followed
July 18 Last day of classes
July 19-20 Reading Period
July 21-27 Final Examinations

Fall 2018

August 14-16 First Year Orientation
August 20 Classes begin
August 20-24 Add/drop period
September 3 Labor Day (no classes)
September 18 Yom Kippur (no classes beginning at 4:00 PM)
September 19 Yom Kippur (no classes)
November 21-23 Thanksgiving holiday (no classes)
November 27 Make-up Day until 4:00 PM, classes meet in the evening
December 3rd Last day of classes - Wednesday classes meet
December 4-6 Reading period
December 7-21 Final examination period

Spring 2019

January 7 Classes begin
January 7-11 Add/drop period
January 21 Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
February 25 Last day of classes for first year Module I classes
February 26-27 First year Module I reading period
February 28 First year Module I exam
March 4-8 Spring Break (no classes)
March 11 First year Module II classes starts
April 19 Spring Holiday (no classes)
April 23 Last day of upper level classes - Friday classes meet
April 24-26 Upper Level Reading Period
April 27-May 15 Final Examinations
April 29 Last day of first year classes - Friday classes meet
April 30-May 2 First Year Reading Period
May 18 Commencement


May 16-23 I.T.A.P.
May 28 Classes begin
May 28-30 Add/Drop period
July 4 Independence Day Holiday (no classes)
July 16 Last day of classes - Thursday classes meet
July 17-18 Reading Period
July 19-26 Final Examinations