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Faculty in the News 2021

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Bloomberg Law
James May, quoted on 02/11/21
Young Climate Litigants Push High Court Fight Some Call Reckless

The Hill
Rod Smolla, quoted on 02/05/21
Battle over COVID-19 misinformation goes to courts

Delaware Business Court Insider
Lawrence Hamermesh, quoted on 02/05/21
Robinhood Isn't Expected to Be Sued In Delaware Court Soon, if Ever (subscription may be required)

On the Media
Rod Smolla, interviewed on 02/05/21
Slaying the Fox Monster

The News Journal
Alan Garfield, wrote opinion piece on 02/05/21
The Senate should convict Trump in a heartbeat. Why is the GOP so spineless? | Opinion

John Culhane, wrote opinion piece on 01/28/21
Capitol Police Can Sue the “Stop the Steal” Mob, Giuliani, and Even Trump Himself

LRM Online
Rod Smolla, mentioned on 01/28/21
Robert Griffith and Al Calderaro on the Late Robert R. Merhige, Jr. in The Judge – Character. Class. Courage. Documentary [Exclusive Interview]

The New York Times
Rod Smolla, quoted on 01/26/21
Lone Wolves Connected Online: A History of Modern White Supremacy

John Culhane, wrote opinion piece on 01/13/21
COVID-Positive Reps Can Sue GOP Members Who Refused Masks During Lockdown

NBC 10
John Culhane, interviewed on 01/13/21
Trump's Ban From Social Media Platforms Sparks Debate Over Free Speech

Texas Lawyer
Rod Smolla, quoted on 01/08/21
Bad PR? Pitfalls of Lawyers' Publicity Efforts Take Center Stage Before Texas High Court