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Faculty in the News 2018

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Bruce Grohsgal, quoted on 04/11/18
Bridge to nowhere: gaps in Treasury G-Sib bankruptcy plan

Jean Eggen, quoted on 04/11/18
Does talcum powder cause cancer? A legal and scientific battle rages

Rodney Smolla, signed articulation agreement on 04/10/18
Univali Signs International Teacher Mobility Agreement with Delaware Law School

WDEL 101.7 FM and 1150 AM
John Culhane, interviewed regarding comments of retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens on the 2nd Amendment on 03/
WDEL 101.7 FM (audio)

WDEL 101.7 FM and 1150 AM
Mary Ellen Maatman, interviewed on 03/28/18 regarding employment dispute that led to the firing of the principal of Padua Academy in Wilmington
WDEL 101.7 FM

Poughkeepsie Journal
Alan Garfield, quoted on 03/22/18
Stormy Daniels scandal reveals more about 'contracts of silence'
Mary Ellen Maatman, quoted on 03/22/18
Law professor outlines 3 possible outcomes to Mann gender discrimination lawsuit

Jean Eggen, quoted on 03/15/18
Senate Passes Bill Rolling Back Dodd-Frank Rules (Audio)

NBC News
Alan Garfield, wrote opinion piece on 03/09/18
Trump’s NDA with Stormy Daniels is about much more than infidelity. What else is he hiding?

Lawrence Hamermesh, quoted on 03/09/18
Qualcomm’s Delayed Board Election Spurs Lawsuit

PBS Frontline
Alan Garfield, quoted on 03/02/18
What Happens If Someone Breaks a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

The News Journal
Romie Griesmer, quoted on 03/02/18
Joyner-Francis family 'cannot find peace or justice' in Delaware, spokeswoman says

John Culhane, wrote article on 03/01/18
Little Mirrors of Mortality
Rod Smolla, quoted on 02/27/18
Students accuse Caesar Rodney School District of censoring on social media

Good Law Bad Law
Rod Smolla, interviewed on 02/23/18
Good Law | Bad Law #66 - Let them eat cake? The Supreme Court weighs free expression versus non discrimination W/ Rod Smolla (audio)

USA Today
John Culhane, quoted on 02/16/18
Florida shooting rampage sparks review of mental health restrictions on gun purchases

John Culhane, quoted on 2/15/18
Dover joins the ranks suing Big Pharma

Delaware Public Media
Ken Kristl, quoted on 02/02/18
Are we next? Delaware refinery workers worry after Philadelphia plant files for bankruptcy

Big Law Business
Lawrence Hamermesh, quoted on 01/31/18
Investor Appraisal Suits Face Rocky Future After Del. Rulings

Reading Eagle
Rod Smolla, quoted on 01/24/18
Does free speech need protecting on Pa. college campuses?

Rod Smolla, wrote piece on 01/23/18
Symposium: Nothing undignified about political messaging — in America, we call that democracy

Philadelphia Business Journal
Rod Smolla, quoted on 01/22/18
Law schools considering familiar alternative to LSAT for admissions (subscription required)

Jean Eggen, quoted on 01/11/18
The Next Millennial Trend Is Suing Big Oil for Destructive Climate Change

Bruce Grohsgal, quoted on 01/10/18
Prominence of Delaware bankruptcy court threatened