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Faculty in the News 2020

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Jean Eggen, quoted on 02/11/20
Danger Of CEO Testimony Clear In $186M J&J Talc Verdict

The News Journal
Alan Garfield, wrote opinion article on 02/06/20
The Senate voted. Now it's our turn to save our Democracy by voting Trump out: Opinion

Dover Post
Rodney Smolla, quoted on 02/04/20
Delaware receives support in case to prevent political partisanship on state courts

The Deal
Lawrence Hamermesh, quoted on 01/29/20
Activist Investing Today: Hamermesh on Icahn, Bylaws and Insider Votes

Lawrence Hamermesh, quoted on 01/29/20
Odd Alliances Back Del.'s Bid To Restore Bench Balance Rule

ABA Journal
Rodney Smolla, quoted on 01/28/20
Cure or Con? Health products touted on social media are slipping by regulators

Rodney Smolla, quoted on 01/22/20
'A Fighting Chance': Tulsi Gabbard Could Possibly Win Her Defamation Suit Against Hillary Clinton

WDEL 1150 AM and 101.7 FM
Rodney Smolla, interviewed on 01/18/20
Law prof opines on Trump impeachment trial, legal team additions

Rodney Smolla, quoted on 01/14/20
Facebook criticized for deleting posts supporting Iranian general killed by U.S. (subscription may be required)

Jean Eggen, quoted on 01/07/20
J&J's Talc Trial Deal Shows Power Of FDA's Asbestos Finding

Lawrence Hamermesh, quoted on 01/01/20
Delaware Cases To Watch In 2020