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Faculty in the News 2019

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The Washington Post
Ken Kristl, quoted on 01/28/19
Panel allows challenge to refinery ethanol shipments permit

WPVI-TV 6 ABC, Philadelphia Tribune, and San Francisco Chronicle
Judith Ritter, quoted on Mumia Abu-Jamal appeal
Philadelphia prosecutor fights new Mumia Abu-Jamal appeal (WPVI-TV 6 ABC on 01/26/19)
DA to fight new appeal for Mumia Abu-Jamal (The Philadelphia Tribune on 01/25/19)
Philadelphia prosecutor fights new Mumia Abu-Jamal appeal (San Francisco Chronicle on 01/25/19)

The News Journal
Alan Garfield, quoted on 01/25/19
Civil rights organizations want their say in Middletown Hummers Parade guidelines (subscription may be required)

John Culhane, wrote column on 01/16/19
MacKenzie Bezos Is Legally Entitled to Half of the $140 Billion Amazon Fortune

Delaware Law Weekly
Rodney Smolla, quoted on 01/14/19
Del. Equal Rights Amendment, Nearing Passage, Likely to See Court Challenges (subscription may be required)

Jean Eggen, quoted on 01/09/19
Why Johnson & Johnson May Not Have to Pay Its $4.7 Billion Court Verdict

The News Journal
Lawrence Hamermesh, quoted on 01/04/19
Christiana Care asks judge to toss out lawsuit claiming kickbacks