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Widener Law Review Archive

Volume 23:2

Volume 23:2

1. Foreword: Breaking Down Barriers – The Benefits of a More Inclusive Legal Profession: Santino Ceccotti

2. Disability and the Law: An Essay on Inclusion, from Theory to Practice: Daniel G. Atkins & Robert L. Hayman, Jr.

3. Breaking Down Barriers: Session II – Making the Bar More Inclusive: Ross Flockerzie, Melissa R. Allman, Melissa Felder Zappala, Daniel Goldstein, Won Shin. & Neal Suggs

4. Breaking Down Barriers: Session V – The Special Role of Technology: Richard K. Herrmann, Melissa R. Allman, Melissa Felder Zappala, Daniel Goldstein, & Professor Fredric L. Lederer

5. Survey of Delaware State Bar Association Members to Assess the Presence of Conditions That Hinder Their Practice of Law: Steven W. Peuquet, Asiah M. Lemon, & Sharon Merriman-Nai

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