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Experiential Learning

The best preparation for your law career is practical, direct experience. Delaware Law offers a number of immersive learning programs to help you make the most of your legal education. Plunge into an entirely new culture and perspective with a study-abroad experience.  Sharpen your legal skills by working with real cases and clients in our clinical programs.  Engage with the day-to-day working world of law with an externship in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey. Experience courtroom proceedings up close as a clerk for a judge or justice. Gain professional skills and legal insight as you work with under served communities in our public interest placements.  Each experience is certain to bring its own benefits.

“Get out there and get involved –you’ll meet some extraordinary people, and you’ll learn more from them about the law and the legal profession than anything you’ll find in one of your textbooks”

-Ryan Cicoski 
Class of 2010