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Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is here to assist you with advice and counseling. We act as a liaison between students, faculty and law school administrators. When you have questions, our office is the place to find answers.

We oversee orientation, academic success, accommodations for disabilities, changes in divisions, leaves of absence, character and fitness amendments, emergency exam deferrals, Title IX concerns, and other concerns students bring us. The Director of Bar Programs is also located in the OSA.

We are open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. On Wednesday we are open from 10:30 am until 6:30 pm. Stop by to visit us in Room 250 in the Main Law Building!

Student Handbook:

The current Delaware Law Student Handbook may be accessed here.

Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Nondiscrimination Policy

Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Nondiscrimination Policy (pdf)

Bias or Hate Crime Reporting Protocol

Delaware Law seeks to create an inclusive, equitable, culturally competent, and supportive environment where students, faculty and staff model behavior that enriches our community. We encourage all students, faculty, staff and guests on campus to interact in a manner of human respect at all times. But we are also aware that incidents of bias and hate crimes have increased on college campuses around the country, disrupting that sense of community. Widener University and the Delaware Law School condemn such acts and encourage all members of our community to do the same. To review the law school’s protocol on bias and hate crime reporting, please click here.

For access to the form to report a hate crime or bias incident, please click here.

Attendance Policy

Information about Delaware Law School's attendance requirements may be found here.

Mental Health and Wellness

Delaware Law students and recent graduates studying for the bar have access to free counseling services. Please see our Wellness web page for more information.

Student Class Recording Policy

Unless a student has been granted permission to record a class due to an accommodation, no Delaware Law School classes or portions thereof may be recorded without the express consent of the professor. Class recordings that have been provided by the professor or that a student has been granted permission to make may not be distributed in any manner without the written consent of the professor.

Student Health Insurance Information

The American Bar Association provides insurance options for law student members. You'll find more information about the ABA and their insurance options on the ABA for law students website.

Students attending Delaware Law School who are sponsored by a current member of the Delaware Bar may apply for student membership in the Delaware State Bar Association.  Student members of the Delaware State Bar Association are eligible to apply for health insurance through the DSBA.


JD students may request reasonable accommodations for a disability. If you believe that an accommodation is necessary to allow you equal access to a course or academic offering at Delaware Law, please contact Dean of Students, Alice Eakin, for more information on the application procedure.

Policy on the Use of AI

The policy adopted by the Delaware Law School faculty relating to the use of generative artificial intelligence in the law school setting may be found here (pdf).

Academic Advising

For course selection guidance or any advice related to your academic experience, please contact your academic advisor:

Academic Advising for all Extended Division Students:

Nyla Millar, Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Students (Evening Division)
[email protected]

Academic Advising for Regular Division Students:

For RD students with last names beginning with letters A - Dn:

Maryann Brown, Co-Director of Academic Success Programs and Associate Professor
[email protected]

For RD students with last names beginning with letters Do - Q:

Alice Eakin, Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs and Co-Director of Academic Success Programs
[email protected]

For RD students with last names beginning with letters R - Z:

Gigi Tewari, Assistant Professor and Interim Assistant Dean of Students (Spring semester)
[email protected]

Contact Us

Debra Berry
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Counseling Records
Students and Alumni: For access to your records relating to counseling with Dr. Amy Dwinnell while you were a student at Delaware Law, please contact Dr. Jennifer Horowitz, Director of Widener University's CAPS Center, at [email protected].