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Academic Success Program (ASP)

The Academic Success Program is co-directed by Professors Maryann Brown and Alice Eakin, Associate Legal Methods Professors with extensive experience teaching law students how to study the law and excel on law school exams. ASP offers formal programming during Orientation and the first three semesters of law school, has individual academic counseling and a resource library available to all law students.

Course Instruction

The Academic Success Program is primarily delivered through formal instruction in classes designed to help students excel in law school. This instruction starts in the incoming student Orientation Program that includes workshops on class preparation, case briefing, note-taking, and outlining. Academic Success instruction continues early in the first semester in Applied Learning Labs, which are workshops attached to one of the required courses. The Labs use the doctrine students are studying in class to strengthen essential law school skills.

Academic Success continues in the following first and second year courses specifically designed to improve law school learning and performance.

Legal Problem Solving

Legal Problem Solving (LPS) is a graded, two-credit course required for regular division students who are entering their third semester of law school and extended division students who are entering their fourth semester of law school with a GPA below 2.7. Students taking LPS are challenged to achieve excellence in exam-answering techniques through numerous exam writing opportunities and other assignments designed to improve academic achievement. LPS also uses performance tests similar to those given in bar exams. Students receive individualized feedback and support designed to address their areas of concern.

Individual Work

Academic Success is also achieved by individual work between students and instructors. Professors Brown and Eakin are available to meet with students individually or in groups to help them develop the skills, study techniques, and time management competencies critical to success in law school. Students can simply email either professor to arrange a time to meet, or stop by the Office of Student Affairs.

Resource Library

The Academic Success Program Resource Library contains substantive and commercial resources for each first-year subject and all required courses. The commercial resources include practice exams and study aids to suit a variety of learning styles and may be signed out for up to two weeks. The ASP Resource Library is housed in the Office of Student Affairs.

Academic Success Program Staff

Maryann Brown
Associate Legal Methods Professor
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 302-477-2148

Alice Eakin
Associate Legal Methods Professor
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 302-477-2215