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Mindful Living

Why practice mindfulness?
woman meditating by water

A regular mindfulness practice helps to reduce stress, increase focus and concentration, improve communication with clients and others, and make you a better law student and lawyer. Students at Delaware Law School can take a deep dive into mindfulness in our Mindful Lawyering course and explore virtual or in-person opportunities to learn and practice. Our annual Mindful Lawyering in Practice panel brings students together with practicing lawyers to discuss the integration of mindfulness and meditation into law practice, including family law, criminal law, civil litigation, and more.

For more on why and how to practice mindfulness, check out these resources:

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness for Lawyers: A Short Handbook by Jon Krop, J.D.

Mindfulness for Lawyers

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook

Warrior One: Mindfulness for the Legal Mind

Local meditation centers

Open Heart Zen Sangha (Wilmington, DE) (1.4 miles from campus)

Philadelphia Meditation Center (Havertown, PA) (20.9 miles from campus)

Shambala Center (Philadelphia) (26.3 miles from campus)

Local yoga studios

Empowered Wellness Studio (Greenville, DE) (5 miles from campus)

Liberty Yoga (Newark, DE) (14.4 miles from campus)

Sadhana Yoga (Wilmington, DE) (2.9 miles from campus)

Sound Body Studio (Wilmington, DE) (1.5 miles from campus)

& many more

Online meditation & yoga classes

Insight Meditation Community of Washington (meditation classes)

Kashi Atlanta Urban Yoga Ashram (meditation and yoga classes)

Sukie Baxter—Whole Body Revolution on YouTube< (meditation, yoga, and nervous system classes)

Yoga with Adriene on YouTube (meditation and yoga classes)

& many more