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Residence Hall Safety

The safety and well-being of our students is of paramount concern, and we work diligently to help ensure that our on-campus housing facilities are secure and conducive to both study and rest.


Students living in residence halls are provided with a key to operate the lock on their room door.* Main entrances to all student housing facilities are equipped with card access control and locked 24 hours a day. Secondary exterior doors are designated as “exit only” or “emergency exit only” and are locked to the outside. Windows are equipped with locks operable by room occupants.

Campus Safety Officers are on duty 24 hours a day and patrol the interior and exterior of all campus residence halls. Access to student housing facilities is limited to those with authorization. Campus Services personnel, housekeeping, Campus Safety personnel, and emergency or medical personnel may enter the buildings and individual rooms only for bona fide purposes. Campus Safety is also permitted to enter a student room in the interest of student safety.

Students are reminded that propping open exterior or interior residence hall doors is not permitted. Further, doing so poses a threat to occupants. Students found to be responsible for this act will be remanded to the Office of the Dean of Students for possible violation of university administrative procedures. Visitors are permitted in campus housing only if accompanied by a resident. Resident students are personally responsible for the behavior of or damages caused by their guests. Non-Widener University enrolled overnight guests are requested to register with the Campus Safety Office.

During vacation and holiday periods, residence facilities are open, though we reserve the right to reassign students to other on-campus accommodations.

University facilities, lighting, and life safety equipment are maintained to minimize hazardous conditions. Missing equipment and unsafe conditions are reported immediately for repair or correction. The Campus Safety Office also completes monthly life safety checks that are forwarded to the Chief of Campus Safety or Campus Services Department.

* Please note that if you lose a room key, the room in question is re-keyed promptly by our locksmith and a charge of $255.00 assessed.