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Mentoring Guide for Students

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Mentoring Program.

This successful program seeks to strengthen The Delaware Law School network and to assist future graduates in becoming successful, fulfilled professionals.

These tips and suggestions are for those who are matched with a mentor through our program. Others may also find these tips useful in networking with attorneys on their own.

We offer the following ideas for starting a discussion with your mentor:

  • "Nuts and bolts" of law practice.
  • Importance of civility and professionalism.
  • Career advice, including marketing for a certain type of practice or legal setting; job search tips and strategies; the effect of school activities on employment.
  • Importance of using existing resources such as the Career Development Office.

You and your mentor might engage in the following activities:

  • Meeting in the mentor's office.
  • Shadowing your mentor.
  • Observing court proceedings such as hearings, arguments, and trials.
  • Observing a deposition.
  • Attending bar functions and meetings with your mentor.
  • Meeting (through your mentor) other people who might be able to offer advice or insight into the practice of law
  • Engaging in e-mail exchanges or telephone discussions

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Career Development Office at (302) 477-2163.