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Reciprocity Guide

The Delaware Law School’s Career Development Office has connections! Our career development staff would like to assist you in exploring your career opportunities by plugging you into our connections with other law school career development offices around the country.

If you plan to relocate outside our tri-state region, all you need to do is stop by the Career Development Office and complete a short form indicating the law school you wish to visit. We will handle the rest.

What is reciprocity? | Reciprocity policy | Reciprocity request form

What is reciprocity?

Reciprocity is a process by which participating law school career development offices agree to share access to career resources for law students and graduates from other law schools.

You should be mindful that each participating law school has its own reciprocity requirements and that receiving reciprocity is not automatic. Please also note that most law schools have a "blackout" period—usually August 1 to November 1— when schools are preparing for and conducting fall recruitment. During the blackout period, no reciprocity requests will be granted. The blackout period for Delaware Law School is August 1–November 15.

Please review our reciprocity policy to learn more about the policy specifics.

Reciprocity Policy
Name of Contact Persons for Reciprocity Requests:

Susan Utz, Reciprocity Coordinator
(302) 477-2179 fax: (302) 477-2180

Email: [email protected]

Reciprocity Policy Summary

Is reciprocity available to current law students of other law schools?
Yes, except for schools in the local tri-state area

If yes, what class years are eligible?

Is reciprocity available to graduates of other law schools?
Yes, except for schools in the local tri-state area

Reciprocity is available:
Closed from August 1 to November 15 (See Comments at Bottom)

Please indicate the length of time a visitor may use your services:
90 Days

Is a letter required?

If yes, how far in advance should it be sent?
Two (2) Weeks

Can it be faxed?
Yes (Please see fax numbers above)

Does the visitor need to bring a copy of the letter?

Services available to students and graduates of other schools:
Career Library Resources
Job Postings
Newsletters from Other Law Schools
Limited Counseling

Best days/times for student/graduate to visit?
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Do they need to call first?

Do they need to bring identification?

Restrictions on number of students/graduates
Services may be denied to any school which exceeds a reasonable number of requests within a given year or to individuals who misuse the facilities or services.

Full Text of Reciprocity Policy

The Delaware Law School Career Development Office provides reasonable access of resources to students and graduates of law schools outside the immediate area under the following conditions:

  1. Services are available only to those law schools which allow Widener students and graduates use of their facilities.
  2. Reciprocity services will not be available during the fall recruiting season from August 1st to November 15th.
  3. Requests for services must be made in writing by a placement or career counseling official.
  4. Services are available for a three-month period, commencing with the date of response.
  5. Students from other schools may not participate in on-campus interviews.
  6. Reciprocity privileges include access to all resources in the Career Development library, and Symplicity, online job search database (students and graduates). Limited counseling is available to students and graduates of eligible schools.
  7. Services may be denied to any school which exceeds a reasonable number of requests within a given year or to individuals who misuse the facilities or services.
Reciprocity Request Form

Delaware Law students or graduates seeking reciprocity with another law school may request reciprocity by first completing the form below and submitting it to the Career Development Office (CDO). (Students or graduates of another law school seeking reciprocity with Widener Law should view CDO's Reciprocity Policy.)

You may establish reciprocity at a single law school per year in any city or geographic area. Completion of this form does NOT guarantee your receiving reciprocity. Wait until you receive written confirmation of the reciprocity agreement and the terms of the reciprocity agreement before planning your visit.

You can submit a completed form (below), in PDF format, to the Career Development Office (by mail, fax, or email). View contact information, including fax numbers and email addresses, for both campuses.

Download the Reciprocity Request Form (pdf)