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Employers: Recruit Delaware Law School Students & Alumni

The Career Development Office offers various services to help you recruit students, including on-campus interview programs in the fall and spring, and a year-round job posting service. We can also help you understand why Delaware Law School students and graduates  are employees of choice.

Fall and Spring On-Campus Recruitment Programs

We offer employers the opportunity to interview students on our campus. After notifying our student body of your employment requirements, we will provide you with application materials from interested students. Upon your selection of those students you would like to interview, we will arrange the interviews. Register online to interview students on campus with our on-campus recruiting option.

Off-Campus Recruitment Programs

We will collect the resumes of students and forward them to your offices, or have students mail them directly to you, if you prefer. You may arrange interviews at your convenience. Register online to request to receive resumes through the off-campus recruiting option.

Job Posting Service

Our year-round service advises students and graduates of opportunities with you as they arise. We advertise full-time, part-time, and summer employment opportunities. To take advantage of this simple to use and convenient program, contact us or post a job directly to our online job posting database.