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Mentoring Goals and Guidelines


The Mentoring Program's primary goal is create and nurture relationships between Delaware Law School alumni and first year law students. This relationship provides students with a means to obtain informal advice on a wide-range of legal topics including law school, legal practice areas, and the legal profession. The Program also seeks to instill professionalism, expose students to the actual practice of law, and assist students with developing a professional network early in their careers.

Program Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed by Mentoring Program participants:

  1. Mentors and students should have at least three contacts during the academic year. This is the minimum: pairs may agree to have more contacts.
  2. The agreement to participate in the Mentoring Program extends through the school year, until May.
  3. Mentors and students should plan to meet at times convenient to both of them. Students must be mindful of the time commitments and the pressures inherent in legal practice when contacting their mentors.
  4. The Mentoring Program is not intended to serve as a recruitment device or job placement program. Information about career choices and job searches is, however, very helpful to law students.
  5. Participation in the Mentoring Program is voluntary. Participants with any concerns or suggestions should contact the Career Development Office at [email protected].

Your comments and feedback on the Mentoring Program are very important as we strive constantly to improve our services to the law school community. Your input will be very important to us in this endeavor.

Thank you for your interest in the Delaware Law School Alumni Network Mentoring Program.