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Four-Year (Part-Time) Program

Delaware Law’s four-year juris doctor (JD) program is designed for students who wish to earn their degree on a part-time basis in the evening or during the day. Our flexible scheduling allows students with the most challenging commitments to pursue a law degree that fits their life style. During the first year and a half of study, part-time evening students typically attend class three nights a week, while part-time day students typically attend five days per week for reduced hours.

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Degree Requirements

Obtaining a JD degree requires a minimum of 90 credit hours of coursework. Students must take at least 12 credits that are experiential in nature, at least six of which are clinics, externships or other designated live representation experiences.

The Delaware Law curriculum helps you develop a fundamental understanding of law and the legal process while gaining the practical skills necessary to be a professional and competent advocate.

Required Courses Credits
Applied Learning Lab 1 credit
Bar Exam Success: Strategies and Skills 3 credits
Civil Procedure I 4 credits
Civil Procedure II 2 credits
Constitutional Law I 2 credits
Constitutional law II 4 credits
Contracts I 4 credits
Contracts II 4 credits
Criminal Law 3 credits
Criminal Procedure 3 credits
Evidence 4 credits
Legal Methods I 3 credits
Legal Methods II 2.5 credits
Legal Methods III 2 credits
Legal Problem Solving** 2 credits
Professional Responsibility 3 credits
Property I 4 credits
Property II 2.5 credits
Torts I 4 credits
Torts II 2 credits
Electives 29 credits
Total Credits 90 credits

* Delaware Law School reserves the right to modify curriculum requirements and course offerings.

** Required for students who complete the first two semesters with a cumulative grade point average below 2.7.