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Scholarships and Fellowships

At Delaware Law we are committed to making legal education affordable while also recognizing the significant achievements of our applicants. Our generous scholarship program provides renewable awards that vary but can be as high as $111,000 over the course of a student’s full-time legal education. Our awards are intended to recognize and honor the many and distinctive academic, personal and professional accomplishments of our entering students. Delaware Law merit-based scholarships are awarded at the time of acceptance and are renewable for up to three years for full-time students and four years for part-time students provided the student maintains satisfactory academic performance.

First State Merit Scholarship

The State of Delaware holds the distinction of being the first state to ratify the United States Constitution. These merit based scholarship awards are named in recognition of our state’s history. First State Merit Awards are offered to entering students with strong academic records established during their undergraduate years and, where applicable, through graduate study. Deserving candidates will have demonstrated leadership and service backgrounds.

Delaware Select Merit Scholarship

Delaware Law School is part of a legal community nationally renowned for integrity, civility, thoughtful decision-making, and a commitment to the greater good. Strong candidates for these awards are ranked in the top of their undergraduate class, achieved an LSAT score that meets or exceeds the median LSAT score of the most recent Delaware Law School entering class, have demonstrated leadership and service backgrounds, and are likely to contribute to the Delaware Law School community in meaningful ways. 

Dean’s Select Merit Scholarship

Delaware Law is led by Dean and Professor of Law Todd J. Clark, an avid scholar who writes on legal issues involving: employment discrimination, sports, the intersection of hip-hop culture and the law, and corporate justice. Candidates selected for these merit-based awards are among the strongest applicants to Delaware Law School in both academic achievement and personal and professional accomplishments. Candidates will have demonstrated leadership and service backgrounds, extracurricular involvement at the undergraduate level, and be of strong character. A review of their accomplishments indicates that they are very likely to contribute to the law school and the communities we serve in significant and meaningful ways.

In addition, Delaware Law Donor Scholarships, established through the generosity of alumni, friends, faculty, foundations, law firms, and corporations are available.

Fellowship opportunities are available through the Family Law & Policy Institute, the Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law and the Dean’s Office.

Students looking for additional options can seek private aid in the form of outside scholarships established by private and public organizations, including county and state bar associations, veterans organizations, church and ethnic organizations, college or university alumni associations, and corporations.