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Law School Honor Roll Listing Symbols
+ Widener University Trustee

M Master of Laws

in memory of Dean Alfred Avins
(Ret.) Chief Petty Officer Gregory Jacobs '77

in honor of Renae Axelrod ‘91*
Lionel & Zelda Prince

in memory of The Honorable Alexander F. Barbieri
Alexis Barbieri ‘82

in honor of Kate Golby Carp’s Birthday
Daniel Carp
Joel & Elizabeth Feldman

in memory of Dr. Custode A. Crisci
Carol Crisci ‘94

in honor of Professor John Culhane
Jeffrey '92 & Lisa O'Hara

in honor of Wendy Coopersmith Dignazio '78
Peter Brampton Koelle, PhD

in honor of S. Alexander Faris ‘16
Christine Faris

in honor of the Honey F. Golby Memorial Scholarship
Joel & Elizabeth Feldman

in memory of Harry Hurvitz ‘79
Marc ’78 & Robyn Abrams

in honor of Professor Kenneth T. Kristl
Ann Bryan

in memory of James Lammendola Esq.
C. P. Mirarchi Counseling Center, LLC

in honor of Max Jude Laurore MD
Guerline Ladouceur-Laurore '04

in memory of June MacArtor
GreenWatch Institute

in memory of Betty Margolis
Roger Margolis ‘ 77

in honor of Linda Matassa
Michael Matassa

in honor of Kathleen McNicholas MD '06, '10M*
Patricia Curtin MD

in memory of Paul Modesti '00
Gwendolen Forsyth Adams ‘00

in memory of Joseph Schafle Jr. ‘75
Hon. Harold Borek ‘75 & Christine Borek

in memory of Samuel Segal
Renae Axelrod ‘91*

in memory of Jerry Shields
GreenWatch Institute

in memory of Louis Spina '98
Frank Spina II ’88 & Carla Spina

in honor of Beth Steinberg ‘13
Richard & Shari Steinberg

in memory of Michael Sweeney Esq.
Kristen Rushing ‘02

in memory of Charles Zencey
GreenWatch Institute