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Faculty Research Liaisons

Each full time faculty member has a librarian appointed as faculty liaison. What is the faculty liaison program?

Faculty Member Research Liaison Campus Phone Extension
Alcala Laboy, Diego Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Brown, Maryann Christy D'Antonio 2187
Catania, Francis J., Jr. Maggie S. Adams 2039
Clark, Todd Beth Jennings 2111
Conner, Brendan Maggie S. Adams 2039
Culhane, John G. Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Daly, Erin Maggie S. Adams 2039
Eakin, Alice Christy D'Antonio 2187
Ferrell, Iva J. Maggie S. Adams 2039
Friedman, Stephen E. Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Garfield, Alan E. Maggie S. Adams 2039
Goldberg, Susan L. Christy D'Antonio 2187
Grohsgal, Bruce Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Harrington Conner, Dana Maggie S. Adams 2039
Hildebrand, Sara Christy D'Antonio 2187
Johnson, Leslie A. Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Johnston, Patrick J. Christy D'Antonio 2187
Kelly, Alicia B. Maggie S. Adams 2039
King, Susan Maggie S. Adams 2039
Kristl, Kenneth T. Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Maatman, Mary Ellen Christy D'Antonio 2187
May, James R. Janet Lindenmuth 2245
McManamon, Mary B. Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Millar, N.E. Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Regan, Paul L. Christy D'Antonio 2187
Ritter, Judith L. Maggie S. Adams 2039
Sbarge, Jean Christy D'Antonio 2187
Scheuer, Luke Christy D'Antonio 2187
Sturiale, Jennifer Maggie S. Adams 2039
Tewari, Geeta Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Turner Roberts, Keeshea Janet Lindenmuth 2245
Williams, Serena Christy D'Antonio 2187