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Transactional Law Honor Society

The Transactional Law Honor Society (“TLHS”) is the first of its kind at Delaware Law. TLHS allows students to hone the practical skills needed for transactional law work. Transactional work is one of the most common assignments given to attorneys, particularly new ones. Membership in TLHS allows students to enhance their negotiation skills and learn how to draft and interpret business documents. The Transactional Law Honor Society trains its members through workshops and lectures on the intricacies of business law and practice, and some participants are selected to participate in regional competitions such as Transactional LawMeet. TLHS also holds an annual Internal Competition for all TLHS members, with local attorneys and practitioners serving as judges.

We invite all interested members to participate in the New Member Tryout Competition at the beginning of the Fall semester. Additionally, the final winners of the Alternative Dispute Resolution competition may be offered membership to join TLHS if all eligibility requirements are met. If you have any questions regarding TLHS membership or the society in general, do not hesitate to contact a board member listed below.

2023-2024 Transactional Law Honor Society Board Members

President: Kiera Gwynn - [email protected]

Managing Counsel of External Affairs: Alyssa Atkisson - [email protected]

Co-Managers of Internal Affairs: Sarah Gawrysiak - [email protected] and Nkemakunam Obata - [email protected]

Secretary: Livia Billen - [email protected]

Faculty Advisors
Bruce Grohsgal - (302) 477-2138
Luke Scheuer – (302) 477-2120

Society Secretary
Rosemary Callahan - (302) 477-2014

Mailing Address:
Widener University Delaware Law School
Transactional Law Honor Society
4601 Concord Pike
Wilmington, Delaware 19803