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Delaware Law School Celebrates the 2023 Graduates


Delaware Law School celebrated the achievements of its 2023 graduates in a ceremony held on the lawn.

Here’s a snapshot of the festivities:

230 graduates.

5 countries represented among 2023 graduates.

14 states represented among 2023 graduates.

22-70 age-range of graduates.

1 speech from the Honorable Scott W. Reid for all graduates:

“Throughout your career, you will have to utilize your competitive advantage if you want to succeed. I guarantee that from the moment you depart this campus as a graduate, you will be tested. And when you are tested, you need to draw on the competitive advantage Delaware Law has provided you. Because when you begin to practice law, you are going to be successful.”

Congratulations graduates!

Graduation 8082

Graduation 8074

Graduation 8064

Graduation 8053

Graduation 7914