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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

2021-2022 Academic Year

Theme: Reviewing Legal Implications of Race, Building Community, and Cultivating Cultural Humility

In general, this year’s focus is on community, legal heritage (implications, history, complications of legal treatment of race) and cultural humility.

DEI Committee (2021-2022 Academic Year)
Joseph Farris Co-Chair [email protected] Dean - DEI
Alan Garfield Co-Chair [email protected] Professor
Events & Programming Subcommittee
Alan Garfield Chair [email protected] Professor
Carlene Clark   [email protected] Alum
Charmi Patel   [email protected] Student Leader
Jennifer Morrell   [email protected] Professor
Mary Ellen Maatman   [email protected] Professor
Transformative Culture & Engagement Sub-Committee
Cathy Kilian   [email protected] Professor
Francis Catania   [email protected] Professor
LeaNora Ruffin   [email protected] Student Leader
Jocelyn Mendez Chair [email protected] Alum
Nicole Stokes   [email protected] Alum
Tracey Baker   [email protected] Student Leader
Audit & Incident Response Sub-Committee
Alice Earkin   [email protected] Dean of Students/Professor
Alicia Kelly   [email protected] Academic & Faculty Dean/Professor
Joseph Farris   [email protected] DEI Dean
Rosemarie Griesmer Chair [email protected] Professor
Wilson Gualpa   [email protected] Alum
  • Prepare our students to successfully understand diverse perspectives and backgrounds by teaching critical thinking, empathy, and a deeper appreciation of others.
  • Create an inclusive, equitable, culturally competent, and supportive environment where students, faculty and staff model behavior that enriches our community.

January 2022 started off by addressing multiple points of DLS’s Strategic Plan where DLS members strive to be racial justice educators and advocates, providing awareness and educational opportunities through the 21-day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge, DEI student training, a Conversation for Understanding Town Hall that created a platform for students to raise and discuss DEI-relevant concerns with faculty and the administration, workshops to discuss bias and microaggressions in the law school and workplace, along with various messaging through flyers, posters, emails and social media related to DEI awareness building.

The DEI Committee will build upon these efforts through Community Conversations and other targeted programming, student and faculty engagement, auditing and review of DLS approaches along with strategizing appropriate positions regarding the Clery Act and responses to DEI-related incidents, among other things.