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DEI Committee (2022-2023 Academic Year)

Theme: Reviewing Legal Implications of Race, Building Community, and Cultivating Cultural Humility

  • Romie Griesmer
  • Sara Hildebrand
  • Cathy Kilian
  • Alicia Kelly, Ex Officio, Interim Dean
  • Luke Scheuer, Co-chair
  • Joseph Farris, Co-Chair, Assistant Dean for DEI
  • LeaNora Ruffin, Assistant Dean for Career Development
  • Carlene Clark (‘19)
  • Jocelyn Mendez (‘21)
  • Adam Gershen (‘22)
Student Representatives
  • Claritza Cruz (2L)
  • Nathaniel Griesbaum (2L)
2021-2022 Academic Year

Theme: Reviewing Legal Implications of Race, Building Community, and Cultivating Cultural Humility

In general, this year’s focus is on community, legal heritage (implications, history, complications of legal treatment of race) and cultural humility.

DEI Committee (2021-2022 Academic Year)
Joseph Farris Co-Chair [email protected] Dean - DEI
Alan Garfield Co-Chair [email protected] Professor
Events & Programming Subcommittee
Alan Garfield Chair [email protected] Professor
Carlene Clark   [email protected] Alum
Charmi Patel   [email protected] Student Leader
Jennifer Morrell   [email protected] Professor
Mary Ellen Maatman   [email protected] Professor
Transformative Culture & Engagement Sub-Committee
Cathy Kilian   [email protected] Professor
Francis Catania   [email protected] Professor
LeaNora Ruffin   [email protected] Student Leader
Jocelyn Mendez Chair [email protected] Alum
Nicole Stokes   [email protected] Alum
Tracey Baker   [email protected] Student Leader
Audit & Incident Response Sub-Committee
Alice Earkin   [email protected] Dean of Students/Professor
Alicia Kelly   [email protected] Academic & Faculty Dean/Professor
Joseph Farris   [email protected] DEI Dean
Rosemarie Griesmer Chair [email protected] Professor
Wilson Gualpa   [email protected] Alum
2020-2021 Academic Year

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee was formed in the Fall of 2020. The membership was deliberately constituted to include faculty, administrators, current students, and alumni. The first DEI Committee comprised the following members:

  • Professor John Culhane, Co-Chair
  • Professor Erin Daly, Co-Chair
  • Carlene Clark, Esq., Alumna
  • Alice Eakin, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Wilson Gualpa, Esq., Alumnus
  • Alicia Kelly, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ex officio)
  • Professor James May
  • Jocelyn Mendez, Student (class of 2021)
  • Professor Nyla Millar
  • LeaNora Ruffin, Assistant Dean, Career Development
  • Nicole Stokes, Student (class of 2021)
  • Professor Serena Williams