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Advanced Legal English Program

For Foreign-Trained Law Students and Professionals.

To complement Delaware Law School’s Legal English Program, an Advanced Legal English Program is offered for foreign-trained law students and professionals to continue applying their knowledge and skills in the English language and U.S. Court System.  The Advanced Legal English Program may be taken independently of the introductory Legal English program, for those applicants who already possess sufficient knowledge of English and seek to enhance their foundational legal knowledge.

This course is designed for S.J.D., L.L.M., legal professionals who are non-native English speakers. Through Zoom online course presentation and related materials and studies, students will receive intermediate to advanced instruction and professional training in legal English language skills in the areas of legal writing, legal vocabulary, legal reading, and legal professional writing, listening, speaking, and learning. Students will have focused, detailed attention on specific areas of American law to help facilitate a practical and analytical understanding of U.S. law.  This course will build upon the Legal English course to give greater detail to specific terms and phrases in specific legal fields.  Students in this course will have opportunities to complete practical legal assignments, and practice terminology necessary to interact with U.S. attorneys and the legal system. Students will develop and apply legal English language skills in the contexts of learning legal reading, writing, and analysis in the context of varied U.S. legal topics and issues. 

Course Dates: To be determined.

Delivery: Online.

Instructor: Brett Bendistis, Esquire

Registration Deadline:  To be determined.

Registrations may be accepted after this date, however we encourage you to register as early as possible to allow adequate time for processing and for course access.

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