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Trial Admissions Program (TAP)

Our Trial Admissions Program (TAP) is designed for students who have excelled in only one of the two principal predictors of success in legal studies, undergraduate GPA or LSAT. Through participation in doctrinal and writing courses, applicants are given an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to succeed in law school. Although TAP classes do not count toward a degree, they can lead to admission. Applicants who do not meet regular admissions standards are automatically considered for TAP.

TAP Schedule

TAP participants take two evening courses, starting in late May and ending in late June. A final exam is typically held the last week of June.

Sample TAP Schedule
Time Tuesday Thursday  
6:30-7:55 p.m. Legal Methods Torts  
7:55-8:05 p.m. Break Break  
8:05-9:30 p.m. Torts Legal Methods  
Admission from TAP

An invitation to participate in TAP is not an acceptance into Delaware Law. Admission to the entering class is granted only to TAP participants who achieve a minimum 2.3 GPA. TAP courses carry no academic credit toward the JD degree, will not appear on a student’s law school transcript, and will not transfer to any other program.