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Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC)

Important PIRC Forms

Student PIRC Packet (pdf)

PIRC Volunteer Information Form (pdf)

Student Pro Bono Position Approval Form (pdf)

The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) helps students engage in public interest work by providing information and resources about placement opportunities. The American Bar Association’s Pro Bono Directory Map is a good first step to learning about the wide variety of opportunities to provide pro bono legal assistance.

Every year Delaware Law students are honored at graduation with pro bono distinction. Local and state bar association receptions also are given to honor students’ pro bono services.

How Public Interest Work Can Benefit You

Although PIRC placements are non-paying and non-credit, they provide exciting benefits. Public interest placements help build your résumé and give you the opportunity to network with legal professionals. You put your legal skills to practical use while learning from experienced professionals eager to share their expertise with you. PIRC tracks your pro bono hours and recognizes exceptional service.

Opportunities to Make a Difference

Public interest law encompasses legal services that benefit charitable, civic, community, religious, educational, or government organizations that assist individuals of limited means as well as legal services that benefit groups that protect civil liberties or public rights. If you have completed your first semester of law school in good academic standing, PIRC can offer you an opportunity to get hands-on experience while helping those in need. For example, PIRC students participated in the Katrina-Gideon Interview Project and worked with New Orleans pretrial detainees whose cases were delayed due to Hurricane Katrina. Students provide a range of local services, from helping low-income individuals apply for a much-needed earned income tax credit to helping Delaware residents apply for pardons and helping survivors of domestic violence navigate through the legal system.

Accessing PIRC Resources

PIRC offers many resources to students who are interested in public service. Complete and return the PIRC Volunteer Information Form (pdf) to [email protected]. PIRC will then contact you via email to schedule a time to discuss the rewarding pro bono opportunities that best fit your interests and availability.

If you need approval for a pro bono position, complete and return the Student Pro Bono Position Approval Form to [email protected].

Students must use the forms provided in the Student PIRC Packet to document and verify their pro bono hours. Completed packets must be submitted to the Career Development Office by the deadlines provided.

“Get out there and get involved – you’ll meet some extraordinary people, and you’ll learn more from them about the law and the legal profession than anything you’ll find in one of your textbooks. ”

- Ryan Cicoski 
Class of 2010

Contact Info:

Director: Catherine Zwolak Kilian, Esquire
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (302) 477-2705