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Associate's Degree Course Sequence and Credit Breakdown

Course Name Course Number Credits
Required General Education Courses
Reading, Thinking, Writing (Must be taken within first 3 semesters) ENGL 101 3
Literature & Critical Writing ENGL 102 3
American Government & Politics POLS 101 3
Critical Thinking PHIL 110 3
Introduction to Sociology SOC 105 3
Math (level 111 or above) or Science Elective 3
Math (level 111 or above) or Science Elective 3
*Writing Sample (Must be taken within 18 months of graduation) Score of 4 is required  
Required Legal Courses
Introduction to Law LEID 101 3
Legal Research LEID 102 3
Civil Practice LEID 205 3
Ethics & the Law LEID 212 3
Legal Writing LEID 104 3
Criminal Law & Procedure LEID 245 3
Legal Document Drafting LEID 110 3
Computer Technology & the Law LEID 238 3
Legal Electives
Legal Elective Wills & Trusts LEID 201 3
Legal Elective 3
Legal Elective 3
Legal Elective 3
Legal Elective 3

Please Note: In order to be eligible to receive your Paralegal Certificate along with your Associate’s Degree, you must take Wills & Trusts as a legal elective.