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History of the Court Interpreter Program

Delaware Law’s Court Interpreter Workshops began in 2009. We proudly received the Gavel Award from the Pennsylvania Interbranch Commission on Gender Racial and Ethnic Fairness. Delaware Law strives to conduct workshops and programs for Court Interpreters and bilingual professionals by educating in the theory and philosophy of law and the judicial system and promoting adherence to the standards of professional conduct.

Court Interpreter Programs

The primary goal of the court interpreter program is to increase the number of qualified interpreters available to the judicial system, thereby ensuring due process and equal justice for litigants with limited English proficiency. The program began in 2009 and through 2013 has conducted two workshops each year. The workshop in October 2012 registered 103 "students" for a weekend workshop. The workshop in October of 2013 registered 75.

Language of Justice (September 2009)
Criminal Judicial Procedures (October 2009)
What it Takes to Become a Certified Court Interpreter (February 2010)
Access to Counsel: Interpreters at the Table (Amer. Sign Lang.) (March 2010)
Court Interpretation deconstructed (Spanish/English) (March-May 2010)
Interpreting a Mock Deposition (ASL) (May 2010)
Interpreter Protocol and Ethics in the Courtroom (October 2010)
What It Takes to Be a Court Interpreter in the Haitian Creole Language (Haitian Creole/English) (April 2011)
How to Prepare for the Written and Oral Exam for Court Interpreters in Vietnamese (September 2011)
Court Interpretation Reconstructed Skills Building in the Arabic, Chinese, Korean Languages (March 2012)
Russian and Spanish Languages (October 2012)
Consecutive Interpreting in a Criminal Law Setting (ASL) (March 2013)
Skills Building in the Khmer, Polish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Spanish Languages (October 2013)
Language of Justice Institute Court Interpreter Program (Debut in Fall 2017)
Court Interpreter II: Practice and Skills Training (2021)
Community, Healthcare and Legal Interpreting (2021)