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Online LLM Programs

Delaware Law offers master of laws programs in an online format. A qualified student from anywhere in the world with a high speed Internet connection can now earn an LLM entirely online from Delaware Law.

Our online LLM program is ideally suited for business lawyers and law graduates from around the world who are currently engaged in or interested in a business law career within government, industry, or private practice, and who wish to advance their expertise in a corporate law and regulatory compliance specialized concentration without the expense or disruption of relocating to the United States for a traditional on-campus program. A juris doctor (JD) degree or a first degree in law from an academically qualified non-U.S. law school is required. Applicants with a U.S. juris doctor degree must be a graduate of an ABA-approved law school juris doctor program. Please note that the LLM programs that are offered entirely online will not, by themselves, permit the graduate to take a bar examination in the United States.

Degree Requirements

To earn an online general LLM, students must complete 24 semester hours of coursework. Typically, the 24 semester hours of coursework can be completed in one academic year. Students in an online LLM program have the option to structure their program at a more flexible pace, completing the program over two years. All coursework, however, must be completed within four years from the date of matriculation.

General LLM (Online only)

Corporate Law Regulatory Analysis & Compliance (online only)

This unique program prepares candidates to respond effectively to new and complex regulatory demands. Students will explore the role of in-house counsel, the corporate compliance office, the elements of compliance, risk assessment, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, codes of conduct, crisis management, corporate integrity agreements, deferred prosecution and non-prosecution agreements, and corporate social responsibility. Students will learn the basic regulatory framework and will be trained in the skills that are essential for any compliance professional. Foreign-trained attorneys are required to take Introduction to Law and Critical Legal Analysis & Writing.

View the Corporate Law Regulatory Analysis & Compliance curriculum path (for U.S. J.D. Graduates) (pdf)

View the Corporate Law Regulatory Analysis & Compliance curriculum path (for graduates of a non-U.S. law school) (pdf)

Course Descriptions

LLM Course Descriptions (pdf) -updated 05/24/23

Graduate Enrichment Courses

Expand your understanding of corporate law and regulatory compliance through our graduate enrichment courses. Non-matriculated students can take up to three courses without applying to a specific program. 

Boost your professional expertise across a variety of subjects, including:

  • Corporate fraud
  • Whistleblowing
  • Contract drafting
  • Workplace investigations
  • Corporate compliance and ethics
  • Legal analysis and policy writing
  • Financial Fraud Investigation

Our graduate enrichment courses are offered throughout the year beginning in January, May, and August.

Pursue a Higher Degree

After successfully completing enrichment courses, students may choose to enroll in the master of laws (LL.M.) degree or graduate certificate program. Up to six credits from enrichment courses with grades of B or better may be transferred into these programs.

Online, Flexible Scheduling

Our online courses accommodate the working professional who seeks to improve employment opportunities or to simply keep pace with changing regulatory requirements.


A juris doctor (J.D.) degree or first degree in law from an academically qualified non-U.S. law school is required.

Admission Requirements

Learn about our admission requirements.

Visit the Cost of Attendance page for tuition rates and other fees.