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Student Organizations

With a wide range of student organizations and activities at Delaware Law, you can choose how you want to get involved. If you have an interest that is not covered by an existing organization, you are welcome to create a new one.

Please check out the events page to see upcoming or past events.

DEI Student Council

As a means to foster greater collaboration, inclusion and belonging among student groups which in many cases have operated in silos, we recently created a DEI Student Council (DSC) at Delaware Law. We anticipate this collaboration may result in a greater sense of belonging among students and student organizations, while empowering students as community leaders to engage more confidently with the legal community, including Widener and Delaware Law administration, faculty and staff. A law school or university can bring in diverse students and staff, but the real question is whether the environment has been prepared for them to fully engage and succeed. Taking steps to foster a greater sense of inclusion and belonging (and less isolation) among the law school constituency is key to greater commitment, engagement and, in many cases, retention. Below is the list of representatives on the inaugural DSC.

DEI Student Council

DEI Student Council – Prior Academic Years