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Legal Studies Paralegal Certificate and Concentrations

Paralegal Studies Certificate

Enhance your professional skills with a paralegal studies certificate from Widener University Delaware Law School. The certificate and the concentrations are designed for students who have earned 63 college credits.  The 24 credit certificate and all specific concentrations in paralegal studies offer practical instruction in paralegal studies from experienced professionals and attorneys.

You can choose to earn your general certificate in paralegal studies at your own pace. If you have a specific career goal or academic interest, complete your certificate with a concentration in one of the following areas:

One-Summer Paralegal Certificate

(Mid-May through Mid-August)

The 24-credit one-summer paralegal certificate program offers you the opportunity to earn your ABA-approved paralegal certificate in just 15 weeks. Through a convenient combination of day, evening, and online classes, you can gain a head start on your paralegal career.

Seated Requirement

You must take at least ten semester credits, or the equivalent of legal specialty courses, through traditional classroom instruction.


I already have a bachelor’s degree in another course of study. Is a paralegal studies certificate right for me?

Yes. Many students already have a bachelor’s degree in another area of study. The paralegal studies certificate allows you to add professional education and skills to pursue a paralegal career.

I have more than 63 credits but haven’t yet earned a degree. Is a paralegal studies certificate right for me?

Yes. If you already earned 63 college credits, you qualify to begin your paralegal studies certificate or one of our concentrations. You can also apply your certificate or concentration courses toward a bachelor's degree.

How long does it take to complete the certificate program?

That will vary. While some students complete the certificate in one summer, you can choose to complete the program over two traditional semesters (about nine months.) Our schedule is highly flexible. Start your studies at the beginning of any of our three semesters, and schedule classes at a pace that works best for you.