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Legal Studies Degrees

As demand for skilled paralegals continues to increase, the Graduate, International, Compliance, and Legal Studies Office at Delaware Law offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in legal studies. Taught by our distinguished faculty who contribute their diverse experience and in-depth knowledge, both ABA-approved programs provide an excellent preparation for the paralegal profession.

ABA Approved


The legal studies program is conveniently offered in an online format. The ABA requires students to take at least nine semester credits or the equivalent of legal specialty courses through synchronous instruction. We meet this requirement through live online class sessions. Remaining credits may be taken asynchronously.

What is synchronous versus asynchronous learning?

Synchronous learning runs in real time, with students attending online at the same time as the professor from different locations. The asynchronous format is with students accessing online course materials during different hours at their convenience without live attendance online at the same time as others.

  • The bachelor’s degree (120 credits) provides an in-depth learning experience essential to the paralegal profession, including classes in civil and criminal theory, legal writing, research skills, and procedure. Upon completion, you will earn both a bachelor of science (BS) degree in legal studies and a paralegal certificate of completion. By consulting with your advisor in choosing legal electives, you can also earn a paralegal studies certificate of completion, at no additional cost, in one the following concentrations:
  • Criminal law
  • Corporate law
  • Litigation
  • Health law
  • Estate administration law
  • Intellectual property law

          Bachelor's degree credit breakdown and sequence of courses

  • The associate’s degree (60 credits) focuses on legal research and writing, the mechanics of the civil litigation process, and various specialized areas such as probate, litigation, real estate, and technology. In earning your associate of science degree, you can also choose to earn a paralegal studies certificate of completion at no additional cost — Associates degree students may also go on to complete a bachelor’s degree in legal studies.

          Associate's degree credit breakdown and sequence of courses

Transfer Students

Students who have already achieved college credits elsewhere may apply to complete their degree at Delaware Law’s Legal Studies Programs as a transfer student. We provide individual attention to each new student and one of our advisors will work with you to help you understand the transfer process. Learn more about the transfer process.


Please visit the Cost of Attendance page for current tuition rates and other fees and expenses. Financial aid is available for qualified students.