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Partner Testimonials

“The Dignity Rights Practicum is doing vital work to advance deeper understanding and fuller realization of universal human rights.  The American Bar Association Center for Human Rights is proud to partner closely with the Practicum — faculty and students!”

--Michael Pates, Esq., Director
American Bar Association
Center for Human Rights

“The Dignity Rights Practicum is an innovative and exciting initiative for students to support the work of leading human rights organizations. Under the leadership of Professors May and Daly, the Practicum has allowed my organization to examine critical questions of corporate accountability, such as “Do Corporations Have a Legal Obligation to Respect Human Dignity?”

--Maysa Zorob, Manager
Corporate Legal Accountability Programme
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

“The Dignity Rights Practicum provided our new established center with an amazing opportunity to research upon the topics that had direct effect on the people of Lahore. Students gained knowledge regarding the most pressing environmental issues and were able to look at them from a problem-solving perspective. This Practicum is a one-of-a-kind program and students should benefit from it.”

--Tasneem Kausar, LLM (Yale), Principal (Dean) & Professor of Law
Pakistan College of Law
Advisor, Punjab Public Service Commission

"Being part of the Dignity Rights Practicum has been an enriching experience in exchanging knowledge and practices in the legal defense of Human Rights. The dedication and support of faculty and students at Delaware Law is invaluable for strengthening the litigation and advocacy in our work in developing countries."

--Ana Lucía Maya Aguirre, Professor
Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla (Colombia)
Regional director for Latin America of the Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment (GNHRE)

“There is a general attitude among US policymakers that international human rights are somehow foreign to domestic law and practice. But as the Dignity Rights Practicum convincingly demonstrates, the common core value of protecting human dignity is in fact deeply shared.  As President Carter once said: “America did not invent human rights, instead in a real sense, human rights invented America.”

--Garth Meintjes, President
PILnet: The Global Network for Public Interest Law

“We are very grateful to Professors Daly and May for the Dignity Rights Project and Practicum. Our partnership has been a life-changing experience that will guide us in utilizing the foundational concept of human dignity to promote a dignified constitutional culture in Albania while fostering cross-border cooperation in countries of the Adriatic-Ionian Region.”

--Bujar Taho, Academic Director
Albanian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies