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The Delaware Way

Applied Academics

Our externships and clinical programs—in civil, criminal defense, and environmental law, as well as veterans’ services—are a vibrant source of applied practice and experiential learning.

Commitment to Community

Delaware Law participates in civic engagement, providing pro bono legal services, representing indigent defendants, protecting environmental regulations, and serving the public interest.

Professional Ethics

Delaware Law practitioners, teachers, and scholars approach their roles with courtesy toward colleagues, ethical decision-making, regard for legal principles, and a commitment to the greater good.

Intellectual Leadership

Legal scholarship is a core value at Delaware Law, and faculty welcome collaboration with jurists, practitioners, and current or former students. Their prolific work is often cited by other scholars.

Learning the law–it begins not by memorizing statutes and decisions. At the Delaware Law School, it starts with understanding a deeper context, the ethical foundation that supports our profession. It’s known as the Delaware Way. Its principles spring from the renowned practice of law here in Delaware, nationally distinguished in its culture of civility, integrity, and mutual respect. What’s all this mean to you? Embracing this set of values will position you for greater leadership and satisfaction in your legal career. The Delaware Way? It’s the way to be your best.