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Employee Award Winner: Denise Paul, February 2015

Congratulations to Denise Paul, the recipient of the Employee Appreciation Award for the spring 2015. Denise joined the law school in 2012 and quickly became the “heart and soul” of the Veterans Law Clinic. Among Denise’s outstanding qualities are her people skills. She can always be relied on to go the extra mile and manages to lighten the mood with her incredible sense of humor. Denise is a hard worker and a dedicated employee.

Denise has a work ethic and dedication to helping others that extends beyond work. She has volunteered at the local food bank for many years. She has a lovely personality – warm, caring, and friendly – and is a positive person. Denise is devoted to her family and enjoys spending time with her husband and children. After many years as a stay at home mom, Denise returned to the work force and we are very happy Denise is a part of our law school community.

Picture: Interim Dean Erin Daly presents the Employee Appreciation Award to Denise Paul.