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Dean Rod Smolla Analyzes Political Messaging Case for SCOTUSblog


"There are plenty of laws on the books to preserve order, or to prevent voter intimidation or fraud. The First Amendment poses no bar to their enforcement. But Americans voters are not so squeamish, frail or fragile as to be intimidated or defrauded by a fellow voter’s T-shirt or button," writes Dean Rod Smolla in a new piece titled Symposium: Nothing undignified about political messaging — in America, we call that democracy he wrote for the SCOTUSblog.

The piece focuses on the questions posed by Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky, a case centering on a Minnesota statute that prevents people from wearing political badges, buttons, or other political insignias at polling places on the day of a primary or general election. To read the piece in its entirety, visit SCOTUSblog.