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Delaware Law Student Co-Authors Article on Cyber Specialist Recruitment and Retention


Delaware Law student Dr. Jesse P. Samluk recently co-authored with Mark A. Boeke and Marcus A. Neal an article about why the uniformed services of the United States must increase efforts to recruit and retain skilled and dedicated cyber security specialists.

The article, “Recruiting Cyber Specialists: Why the Services Must Modernize Qualification Standards”, appeared in Joint Force Quarterly and discussed the challenges posed by cyber-warfare, observing, “cyber is its own distinct warfighting domain, just like the land, sea, or air, where either nation-states or terrorist actors can target our country.”

“Cyber security is among the fastest growing job markets, and such expansion is expected to continue rapidly over the next few years. Nearly every facet of society is under attack from state-sponsored hackers, including Russian attacks on classified government networks and North Korean ransomware attacks on average Americans. In this vein, the services are looking for the best and brightest and are actively recruiting to protect our government’s critical systems,” the article notes. Despite efforts to overcome the salary limitations that the uniformed services have compared to private industry, however, there are other issues that can cause these services to miss out on qualified individuals including medical, age, and prior service standards.

In addition to studying towards his law degree at Delaware Law School, Jesse is a Reserve Organization of America Member and an RF Engineer with the Department of Defense. Delaware Law School congratulates Jesse on the publication of this important article!