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  • Delaware Law welcomes students back to in-person classes this Fall. See the Coronavirus Information page for details about COVID safety protocols.

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Coronavirus Information

Last Modified: This page was last updated on September 10th, 2021 at 2:59 p.m.

Widener University Delaware Law School is continuing to monitor the coronavirus situation. This page offers updates and resources to assist law school students, faculty, and staff. This page will be updated with additional information as it becomes available.

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COVID-19 Positive Cases By Campus | Mitigation EffortsFall 2021 Frequently Asked QuestionsDean's Announcement Regarding Fall 2021 Semester OpeningAdditional Resource Links | Change Log

Widener University COVID-19 Positive Cases by Campus

Positive COVID-19 Cases by Campus

Widener University's General Coronavirus Webpage

The information available in the above reflects weekly and monthly data on the number of individuals who have reported positive test results for COVID-19 within 14 days of being present on one of our campuses. All students and staff must report symptoms and positive test results to Student Health Services at 610-499-1183 or [email protected].

Mitigation Efforts

As the university continues to monitor the pandemic and CDC recommendations, we will report any needed changes to our mitigation efforts. The following is a list of the current mitigation efforts in place on Widener’s campuses.

  • Masking requirements
    • Everyone is required to wear face coverings or masks in all indoor spaces on campus. Masks are not required in outdoor spaces. Masks may be removed when you are actively eating or drinking, you are in your residence hall room, or if you are in a private office or classroom alone.
  • Visitor requirements
    • Visitors are welcome on campus and must be hosted by a student, faculty, or staff member. All visitors are required to follow Widener’s masking policy. 
  • Distancing requirements 
    • No distancing requirements are currently in place.  
  • Capacity requirements 
    • No capacity requirements are currently in place.

All students, faculty, and staff must be in compliance with the university’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. More information on the policy is available on our website

If you still need to upload a completed vaccination record, please visit and sign in with your Widener credentials. To upload your completed vaccination record, click upload and select the appropriate file.  If you encounter difficulty, please email a photo of your vaccine card to [email protected]

Please remember that everyone should continue to follow good hand hygiene and stay at home if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms of illness.

Fall 2021 Frequently Asked Questions


Will Fall 2021 classes be held in-person on campus?

Yes, Delaware Law School is excited to welcome its faculty, staff, and students back to campus for in-person classes and activities for the Fall 2021 semester.

Will there be a remote learning option available for students who do not wish to return to in-person classes or to be vaccinated?

No. We are not offering an online option for our courses as we did in the prior academic year. As an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school, Delaware Law School must abide by ABA requirements, which generally limit remote learning options.  Requests for accommodations associated with in-person learning, as with other accommodations, will be handled by Widener University's Office of Student Accessibility Services in conjunction with the University’s Health Services Office. Students with questions about the process for requesting such an exemption may contact Delaware Law Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs, Alice Eakin, or the University’s Office of Student Accessibility Services.

Will students be required to receive a COVID-19 Vaccination?

Yes, all faculty, staff and students must adhere to the University Vaccination Policy that requires all to be fully vaccinated by August 2, 2021. Please refer to University President Julie Wollman’s Letter regarding vaccination requirements (pdf).

How will the COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Work?

Beginning August 2, 2021 all students, as well as all full- and part-time faculty and staff coming to campus for any reason, at any time, must be compliant with Widener University’s COVID-19 vaccination policy in order to access Delaware Law facilities or participate in in-person campus activities. Members of the Widener-Delaware Law School community must upload their completed vaccination records to access campus, events, and facilities. Anyone who has not completed this requirement, or has not received an exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine, will not have these privileges.

How do I upload my vaccine record?

Visit and sign in with your Widener credentials that you created for your myWidener account. Then, click upload and select the appropriate file.

Will the University and Delaware Law School allow exemptions from the vaccine policy?

Exceptions to the vaccination policy will be considered only for documented medical conditions. Questions regarding student medical exemptions can be directed to Student Health Services at (610) 499-1183. Students enrolled at the Delaware campus in fully online degree programs and individuals participating in online-only continuing education programs who will not be on campus in person for any reason will not be required to adhere to the policy, but are still strongly encouraged to become vaccinated.

What happens if I fail to comply with the vaccine policy?

Anyone who fails to comply with the policy will be denied access to our campus for any reason and will be withdrawn from classes.

Will masks and distancing be required on campus?

Delaware Law School will be following CDC guidance on mask use. Because there is currently a substantial level of virus transmission in New Castle County, effectively immediately and until further notice, everyone on the Delaware Law campus will be required to wear a mask indoors. When alone in an office, or in a space with no other people nearby, or when dining, staff and faculty members may remove their masks. Students may remove their masks in their residence hall rooms and while dining.

​What should I do if I have Covid symptoms or test positive for Covid?

If you have Covid-related symptoms or test positive for Covid, you should immediately notify Student Health Services on main campus at 610-499-1183. They will provide you with instructions related to testing, quarantining, and when you may return to classes.

Do not attend classes if you are feeling ill.  You should submit a Dean's Action Request form to Associate Dean Eakin or the Registrar at your earliest opportunity to seek excused absences for the classes you miss.  Your professors will be notified to excuse the absences and record the classes if feasible.

Please contact Associate Dean Eakin at [email protected] if you have any additional questions or concerns.

What happens if a fellow student tests positive for COVID-19?

In the event a fellow student or campus community member tests positive, the Delaware Law School will work with the University’s Student Health Services Office to evaluate and implement appropriate mitigation and contact tracing efforts.

What if I have additional questions?

For a more complete list of University requirements, policies, updates and frequently asked questions please visit the University’s Coronavirus web page at Additional questions may also be sent to [email protected].

Dean's Announcement to Students - Reopening Announcement for the Fall 2021 Semester

Dear Students,

I am writing to update you on our fall re-opening plans.  At this point we do anticipate re-opening the campus for in-person classes in the fall 2021 semester, following all appropriate health and safety protocols.  We will provide more details soon.  However, to assist you in your planning, I wanted you to know now that we do anticipate opening for in-person classes on campus.


Dean Smolla

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Widener University Coronavirus Information Page

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