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Legal Studies Program Legal Nurse Consultant

As a legal nurse consultant, you can take your nursing career to another level, serving a vital role with law firms, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, HMOs, government agencies, and more. Offered through the Graduate, International, Compliance, and Legal Studies Office, this ABA-approved legal nurse consultant (LNC) certificate program could be your gateway to a rewarding profession.

The objectives of the legal nurse consultant program are:
  • To provide opportunities for nurses to become educated in the theory, philosophy, and ethical appreciation of the law
  • To prepare students to become an integral part of a legal team
  • To foster an understanding and appreciation for the role of the legal nurse consultant that reflects the prevailing ethical and educational standards set forth by the legal profession
  • To provide students with deductive reasoning skills when preparing chronologies of medical events and organizing and reviewing medical records
  • To provide students with extensive instruction in legal research, including the use of electronic legal research databases
Note: Legal Nurse Consultants may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law. Legal Nurse Consultants work under the direct supervision of attorneys.


Gainful Employment Disclosure:

In accordance with U.S. Department of Education regulations, Delaware Law School offers the following information about graduation rates, median debt upon program completion, and other information regarding gainful employment for the latest completed academic year for each of this certificate program:

Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate Program

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

The Legal Studies Program is approved by the American Bar Association. In addition, we are members of the following professional legal nurse consultants associations:

American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC)
Local AALNC chapters in Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Maryland


  • The legal nurse consultant certificate of completion is awarded to students who have successfully completed the required 24-credit program. The certificate recognizes that a graduate possesses the medical knowledge to act as an independent nurse consultant and the legal insight to investigate health-care issues.

          Legal nurse consultant certificate of completion credit breakdown

  • The legal nurse certificate of completion with a concentration in forensic nursing emphasizes the application of nursing science to public or legal proceedings. In addition to the core legal courses, this eight-class concentration focuses on forensic science, the nurse's role in criminal law cases, and criminal mitigation and ethics.

          Legal nurse consultant certificate of completion with concentration in forensic nursing credit breakdown


To apply, you must have a current registered nurse license and either a diploma in nursing, associate of science in nursing, bachelor of science in nursing, or master’s degree in nursing. It also is recommended that you have at least three years of nursing experience.

Flexible Scheduling

To work with your schedule, we offer both full-time and part-time studies, with flexible scheduling and online and evening classes, starting in any semester. Many courses are available online, although you must complete at least ten semester credits, or the equivalent of legal specialty courses, through traditional classroom instruction.

Mentorship Course

The mentorship course provides students with an opportunity to experience many different employment arenas. Students will be paired with a legal nurse consultant to gain first-hand practical knowledge with the benefits of résumé enhancement prior to graduation. Areas of practice include: medical malpractice, forensics, insurance, personal injury, Social Security disability, product liability, and clinical research.


What is a legal nurse consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse with additional specialized legal training to assist attorneys with cases involving medical issues. Legal nurse consultants may work on health law cases, medical malpractice cases, class action lawsuits, and personal injury cases. They complete tasks similar to those of a paralegal; however, they apply their specialized training to facilitate tasks requiring additional medical knowledge.

What tasks will I complete in my career as a legal nurse consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is an important member of a legal team. As a legal nurse consultant, you will work under the supervision of an attorney to:

  • Analyze medical records
  • Explain medical records and procedures to attorneys
  • Analyze accident/injury reenactments
  • Manage case files
  • Assist with trial preparation
  • Draft complaints and pleadings
  • Investigate facts
  • Conduct client interviews
  • Do legal research
  • Analyze case law and statutes
  • Create exhibits for use at trial
Who hires legal nurse consultants?

Many legal nurse consultants work for law firms as independent contractors. Legal nurse consultants also work for the following employers:

  • State government
  • Federal government
  • Solo practitioners/ attorneys
  • Law firms
  • Hospital or healthcare organizations
  • Health insurance companies